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Ladies Connection – A New Way to Connect

Here at FACTALLMADGE, we constantly look for new ways to connect with one another. We strive to be a church that knows each other, loves, and interacts as a family. These desires, which were main factors, led to our new and improved ladies connections. Each connection is designed for people to converse and build a support group all while we discuss biblical principals we can live by to enrich our lifestyles.
We started our first ladies connection in January 2019. We were elated to have so many women who love to come to these connections. So, trying to maintain a small group setting was a challenge. To solve this challenge, ladies connections are now segmented into two groups. Women under 50 years of age met on a Thursday night, and women 50 years and older met on a Saturday afternoon, and it worked so well that this structure will be applied to upcoming connections, too.
“It was so interesting to see differences in the groups!” said First Lady, Kim Bulgrin. For example, “I asked both groups about grocery pick up. Everyone in the Thursday group knew about it and most have used and loved the service. But, when I mentioned it on Saturday – blank stares.” So, even in the small things, these two groups allow women to find commonalities that make a quicker, fun connection.
Among finding commonalities, like how we grocery shop, ice breakers, group discussions, and food filled the night. Sis. Bulgrin called January’s theme “Goals and Organization” – very fitting for the first month of the year! Throughout many laughs and real talk, Sis. Bulgrin shared a plethora of organization and goal strategies she found in her research and studies. She relayed different methods purposed to help busy people get things done in a timely manner without becoming overwhelmed. That is a hard thing to do nowadays. To end the night, each woman set reasonable goals regarding their personal and their family’s spiritual, mental, and physical health. Overall, we left feeling challenged yet encouraged to be more organized and less overwhelmed in 2019.

Below, check out what some of the ladies had to say about Ladies Connection!

“What an awesome night! So thankful for all that came out and braved the cold weather. It was a great time of fellowship!”
“Such a great, enriching time!!”
“It was really awesome to come together with the ladies from the church! I really enjoyed the gathering.”
“This truly was such a wonderful night. I’m so glad I came! Such a blessing.”
Ladies Connection Dates:
  • “His Plan, My Purpose”
    • Feb. 21 @ 7 pm
    • Feb. 23 @ 10 am
  • March Mentorship
    • Mar. 21 @ 7 pm
    • Mar. 23 @ 10 am
Click here to let us know you’d like to come!

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New Service Time

Starting Sunday, January 13th, 2019, FACTALLMADGE will begin their evening services at 6:00 PM. Until now, we always begun our Sunday evening services at 6:30 PM. However, Pastor Bulgrin felt directed by The Lord to move up the time to 6 PM. We expect that moving our service time to 6 PM will help our church family’s Sunday schedule.
” Moving our church service up by a half an hour may not seem like much, but it will give people more time after service to run errands, eat, get the kids to bed.” I think that our elders and families with young children will really appreciate this time change.”
– Pastor Ken Bulgrin
Sunday evening services are life changing services, and we are excited to have service at a time that will promote a better family time balance.
See you at 6 PM on Sundays!
Scroll down to see all of our service times.

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Kids Zone = Safe Zone

FACTALLMADGE believes that children are the future church, so we not only invest in them, we strive to keep them safe, too. 
After children are dismissed for class after offering, children, ages 0-4, require a check-in and check-out process.  To complete the check-in process, parents and children receive corresponding, identification stickers and labels for diaper bags and sippy-cups.  In addition, they provide all parents an information sheet that allows information to be recorded regarding allergies, medications, etc.
Once parents drop them off, they can return to the main service to hear the message.  If parents are needed, their identification number (on the sticker) will display on the projector screen.  We want parents to feel comfortable and at ease knowing their children are safe, and if they are needed, they will be notified promptly.
After service begins the check-out process.  Each parent must come to the check-in/check-out station and present their sticker.  People will not be able to check out a child without their identification sticker.  When Kids Zone staff receives the sticker, they will bring the child or children to the door with bags and belongings.  Again, to ensure safety, all stickers will be removed and discarded at time of pick up.
FACTALLMADGE put this policy in place to ensure children are safe and having fun while parents can enjoy and engage in the service.

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The Power of God’s Word

“Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word.”  -Psalms 119:114
Many of us know the Bible as the main tool preachers use in church, a book that sits on a coffee table, and/or an app that encourages us with daily scriptures.  There have been times that it just seemed like a source to gain a phrase to help us have a better day.  However, what happens when you go through a rough season, and it seems like all hope is lost?
The good news is the Bible hold more power than just the ability to boost your mood.  It is powerful.  David said in the verse above, that God’s word is his hope.  Reading the Bible is a great way to get to know Jesus.  You will learn what pleases him, what he dislikes, how he responds to people in different situations; and you will learn that God is faithful.  So, when nothing is going right in life, you can stand on the promises of God found in scripture, knowing he doesn’t break his promises.
The Bible is full of scriptures that declare God will never leave us, forsake us, or fail us.  Knowing God’s word is powerful, because when your emotions and your own logic are telling you that things are never going to get better, you have God’s promises that He will never fail you (Lam. 3:22).  When you feel so lonely, He will never forsake you (Deut. 4:31).  The Bible has a whole new meaning when you depend on those scriptures to bring you through.  The amazing part is when God brings you through, you realize that His word is alive and true.
Let God’s word strengthen you today, knowing that is it real and God always keeps His word!

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